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5th Round Fitness Withdrawal


Withdrawal Information

*All students are registered for the entire session unless withdrawal is submitted online. Withdrawal will not be accepted over the phone.
*Tuition is due through 14 days after the withdrawal is complete. If the student will not attend classes within the 14 days, make up tokens will be added to your account. You must report the absences on the Parent Portal or at to the front desk for tokens to be generated.
*Tuition prepaid will not be refunded, but will be left as a credit on the account for future use.
*Make up tokens can only be redeemed while a student is enrolled in classes.


Withdrawal Instructions

*Log into the Parent Portal: CLICK HERE
*Click My Account on the top toolbar
*Click Enrollments under the student that you would like to withdraw
*Click Drop Enrollment next to the class that you would like to withdraw from
*Select a date that is 14 days or more in the future
*Click Yes Please drop!


Withdrawal Confirmation

The withdrawal form is not complete until you receive an emailed confirmation.
If you are having trouble please email 


2021-2022 5th Round Fitness Calendar

Each tuition payment receives 4 classes that do not necessarily fall within a calendar month.  Tuition will be prorated for students starting after the 1st class of the month.  

Dates listed in black are not included in the session.  Extra make-up classes will be held.  Students can use make up tokens or pay a drop in fee to attend the extra classes.  

All students are registered until a withdrawal is submitted online.